Guest form

TVCC Guest Form

When hosting guests TVCC members must complete a "Guest Form." The forms are kept on a Guest Forms clipboard in the shed.

This policy applies to guests hosted by TVCC members in good standing who are playing during TVCC assigned times, and on croquet courts throughout The Villages.
a) A guest is limited to play three times during any 12 month period
b) If a guest wishes to continue to play during TVCC court times, he/she is expected to become a member of TVCC
c) TVCC members who host nonmembers as guests, must follow the guidelines provided in this TVCC Guest Policy. Failure to follow the Guest Policy guidelines will subject the TVCC host to suspension or termination of TVCC membership
d) TVCC members who are not in good standing with TVCC, or are under suspension, may not play as guests

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