Ricochet rules review. WSL 9/1/2015
1. Which is the only Wicket traversed both time in the same direction?——

2. The play begins with the Blue Ball placed?
         a. 36” in line with wicket Number?—-
         b. May the ball be placed in play in a 36” radius of start wicket?—–

3. Scoring a wicket entitles Striker how many additional shots?—–

4. Strikers sequential strokes are labeled?—–
         a. Roquet      b. take croquet.      C. Incidental.

5. What is the time limit for a 7 Wicket Ricochet game?——
         a 13 Wicket Ricochet game?—–

6. Which is the Penultimate Wicket?—–

7. What is the Strikers winning play priority?———–
         a. Help your partner.      b. Destroy the opposition.      c. Score a wicket.—–

8. An out of bounds ball is placed ‘in bonds’ how far from the string line?—–

9. The balls are played in which color order?—–

10. It is approximately how many feet from Wicket #1 to Wicket #2 on our Villages “two court” Greensford?—–

11. Are both team players required to ‘Peg out’ to win the match?—–

12. All balls are automatically ‘dead on each other’ until Wicket #– is cleared?

13. ‘Ball in Hand’ is placed how far from Roquet ball?—–

14. May strikers ‘Ball in Hand’ be placed within a Wicket?—–

15. What action is taken after a foul?—–

16. I Strikers ball goes out of bounds, but Roqueted ball remains in bounds, is it a Foul?—–

17. All strikers deadness is cleared when?—-
         a. On strikers next turn.      b. On clearing a Wicket.

18. Striker must commence play in —–seconds?

19. What is a Pioneer Ball.—–

20. May striker Roquet a ball after ’Staking out’?—–.

21. May Striker ‘Stake out” oppositions ball after said ball clears final Wicket?—

22. Why may it be beneficial to ‘stake out’ opponents ball?…..