Monthly Breakfasts

Breakfasts September thru May are held at Chula Vista Rec. Center and are hosted by Members for Members only. Summer breakfasts, June, July and August, are ‘no host’ and are held at a restaurant. Breakfast is the first Saturday of the month at 9 AM. An email is sent out early in the month announcing the breakfast and members sign up on the website.

Guidelines for Volunteer Breakfast Hosts at Chula Vista Recreation Center.

Hosts of Chula Vista Breakfasts are eligible for up to $35 reimbursement from the Club towards the cost of breakfast. Normally expect 20 to 30 people. Check the sign up page on the website for an accurate count. Sign up closes 3 days before the Breakfast. If the host feels that a reminder email is necessary, the Secretary should be notified.

Speak to other members who have done this for any suggestions. You may want to team up with other members to host. A week before the scheduled breakfast check the ‘breakfast basket’, which is kept in the shed, to make sure there are adequate utensils, paper products, cups and bowls. See or contact Pamela Bauer 352-638-2331 for needs and basic procedures.

The Board encourages members to keep the affair simple, fruit or juice, carbohydrate i.e. breads, sweet rolls, coffee cake, bagels, toast, muffins, deviled eggs or yogurt products. In the past some folks have made quiche, grits etc. The choice is theirs… but over the budget will be their gift. Coffee is prepared by the recreation center. You may wish to purchase Coffee Mate individual dairy cups.

One member of the team should drive around the side of Chula Vista, while the other team members open the door from the inside of the building. There are carts in the kitchen that you can roll out to your vehicle to carry your products. Once inside the building, set up a side table or two to display the food in a buffet style. Chairs and tables will be arranged by the recreation center.

If you arrive at the site by 8:20 am you will have adequate time and help to set up. Members will help you break down. Enjoy the rest of the morning playing croquet. You will have made new friendships and your efforts will be appreciated. Pamela Bauer 352-638-2331 Your Breakfast Coordinator


Requirements of Volunteers to help with a Match:

The Match organizer sends out times, dates and game being played and will ask for specific volunteers and how many needed. After volunteers sign up the organizer will contact them and go over their duties.
Registration Volunteer: Registers players and collects entrance fee.
Scorer: Must be familiar with the rules of the game being played. Must follow game intently and record score accurately.
Referee: Must be familiar with the USCA rules of the game being played, follow game intently and when in doubt refer to written copy of the rules. Is called upon to settle any disputes and enlighten players regarding rules.


Guidelines for Volunteers Setting up and Taking down Courts:

Volunteers will be instructed in court set up and break down by the coordinator.
Courts are set up on Fridays at 12noon and taken down on Sunday after play.
Courts are setup on Monday morning at 11am and taken down in the evening after play.


Requirements of Volunteers to Help with Clinics:

The instructor will decide how many helpers are needed.

Each volunteer will be required to meet with the instructor prior to the Clinic to go through an orientation for that particular clinic.

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